Zoe Daniels, Online Community & Content Manager

With a keen interest in the pursuit of knowledge and constantly looking for ways to develop and improve her skills, Zo is recognised somewhat as a jack of all trades. She has an innate belief that through collective action and education we can achieve equality.

After working at KERB Food she found her passion in marketing, taking on a role at Institute of Imagination. When she’s not working she’s engaging in activism with a special focus on racial equality and as if she was doing enough she’s now the Vice Chair of All in One Education where she manages all social media content.

When she’s not working you’ll find her in Skandi-hus volunteering at their Sunday pottery taster sessions. She loves playing with clay and believes that working with your hands promotes mental health wellbeing. Zo loves reading and has set the challenge to only read Books by Black authors for a year. Before the pandemic you would often find her in a cinema.