Writerz & Scribez

Spark and Co. are excited to partner with Writerz n Scribez to bring you this online learning series which taps into the power of poetry as a tool to explore your wellbeing. Writerz And Scribez is a not for profit creative arts company built on the foundation that art changes and heightens life. They firmly believe that through the use of art, they can change lives. 

Watch videos by Expert facilitator, Desree, who has been running workshops over the last three years, on a journey of sessions using poetry to explore: your name, your shame, family and relationships and the importance of telling your story. 



Workshop One: Belonging

In this workshop we will look at “What's In A Name”. 

By analysing our own names and what they mean in regards to our identity, we will be able to see how it allows us to move through the world.


Workshop Three: The Importance of Telling Your Story

We all have a story to tell, it's just a matter of how we tell it! 

Using literary techniques like free writing and the power of listening, we are going to explore all the little things that make a good story, great.