Riaz Phillipps

Riaz Philips is a food publisher, writer and advocate. In this series, he shares his insights and tips on getting started with a career in the food industry.

How to use social media to build a platform

With social media, communities across the world are united. 

Those who didn’t have a voice, now have a voice. The hardest part for sure is knowing where to start. This article details why it is best to spread out and use a variety of social media platforms, and why diversifying your feed can help you prosper..


Resources to help you self-publish an ebook

Digital books or e-books are a great format for anyone who wants to share their passion with the world. E-books are great for people with a creative itch or idea that has been bubbling in their head. So where do you start? Read on to find out.

Starting a Restaurant in the Middle of a Pandemic and Life as POC Business Founders

While many people saw the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown as an opportunity to run a business from home a few people did the opposite. Naz Ramadan, an entrepreneur and seasoned restaurant owner saw it as an opportunity to pre-empt the eventual re-opening of the world. 

Lockdown or not, starting a restaurant remains a huge dream for many fans of food culture. Here, Naz details her latest pandemic burdened journey as one half of new South-London based outfit Bando Belly.

How to Start on a Journey of Being a Paid Food Writer and the Realities of the Job

Food writing can be a rewarding experience for those with a deep love of food. This is especially true for those who see value in food beyond eating. This may be its historical content, its culture value or its community bonding powers. 

It is hard to earn a sustainable living from being a food writer though, so in this blog we explore key learnings and tips from those who have been there and done it!