Welcome to Spark and Co.

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Welcome to Spark and Co. - thank you for joining us.

Who are we?

Spark and Co. is a Community Interest Company that provides education, information & connection for ethnic minority people in the UK. 

A Community Interest Company is an organisation whose profits are used to support a community - all our profits are re-invested into our work. 

How do you provide support?

We provide support for people navigating the COVID-19 crisis through our:

  • Online Resource Hub
  • Peer support groups
  • Educational workshops & online webinars 
  • Our offline outreach work 

Why do we do this? 

Research conducted during a Government-ordered inquiry indicates that death rates from Covid-19 have been higher among people of Black and Asian origin than any other ethnic group. In addition, according to Mind, existing inequalities have made mental health of BAME groups worse during pandemic. 

Ethnic minorities in the UK are deadling with:

  • The effects of higher death and infection rates
  • Issues with housing, employment and finances
  • Increasing mental health issues 

We believe that it is possible to access support, information and resouces that can help and we want to make it easier for you to do that. 

How do you do this? 

Our approach is: 

  • Community and user led: we use data, insights and feedback from the people and communities guide our work.  
  • Deeply collaborative: we work with partners from across the UK to deliver our work and support them in theirs
  • Truly intersectional: different people experience life differently - we tailor our work for people of all backgrounds
  • Expertly supported: we work with experts to understand needs and provide support 

What is our goal?

All of out work aim to:

  • Improve knowledge: on services and support available - what is out there, where is it based, who can access it, how do you find it etc.
  • Support decisions: enabling you make choices based on your needs and situation
  • Make connections: help connect you to the right people and place
  • Tackle inequalities: by providing access to knowledge, information & resources

Where to next?

Find our resources here. 

Join us on social media. 

Work with us - online or offline!