How we work

Our goal is to tackle inequalities exacerbated by Covid-19 by equipping our users with knowledge, information & resources. We are deeply community led, and this is incorporated into every facet of our work. 

We are: 

  • Community led: we use data, insights and feedback from the people and communities we aim to service to guide our decision making throughout our work. 
  • Deeply collaborative: we recognise the work and expertise that organisations, communities and individuals have contributed to the improvement of lives in the UK. We work with partners to deliver our work and support them in theirs. 
  • Truly intersectional: different people experience unique systemic, cultural or environmental challenges.We tailor our information and services to support multiple identities, ethnicities and intersections of people.
  • Expertly supported: We work with experts such doctors, researchers, community leaders, charities and frontline organisations in order to understand people's needs. We take an evidence based approach to understanding issues and challenges.
Work with us

To find out more about:

  • Opportunities to work with us 
  • Adding a resource
  • Becoming a community ambassador 
  • Or giving us feedback, please get in touch