Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is a complex issue with a lot of shame and stigma attached to it. In this section, we explore what it is and how to get support.  

These pieces were developed by our Community Ambassadors, Ammaarah Zayna. Ammaarah Zayna is a freelance writer and activist who works in the domestic violence sector.

What Does Domestic Abuse Look Like in Communities of Colour?

It is never easy to leave an abusive relationship. Domestic abuse is a complex monster and leaving a relationship is about so much more than just sheer willpower. 

When you belong to a marginalised group in society, these challenges only get more complex. In this piece, we explore what domestic abuse looks like in communities of colour. 


Types of Domestic Abuse

National statistics suggest that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men in the U.K. experience domestic abuse. Many people do not know how to spot the signs of domestic abuse and how to best support loved ones experiencing it.  

There are several types of domestic abuse. In this piece, we explore them in more depth. 


Honour-based Violence in Communities of Colour and How We Combat It

‘Honour-based violence’ is any act of violence that is committed under the guise of honour. It relies on what is called an honour-based value system, in which your reputation is of utmost importance and directly impacts how your family is seen within the community. 

In this piece, we explore what it means in more detail and how to get support for yourself or a loved one.